Coming soon ...

Silverbrooke Designs has grown out of my web design and development hobby interest. Recently we've moved and have started a small hobby farm in centeral Wisconsin. The farm is taking up most of our time and leaving only winter for my web design hobby. Silverbrooke will also be going away as I merge everything under one name, when we finally settle on one for the farm. Until then, this is all there is.

This winter's projects include building an administrative side to Carol Sarginger's Stardreamer Daylilies website. Once that's completed, I'll be able to add on the online shopping cart for her pretty quickly with seamless integration with PayPal. I'll announce when that is available so that you can purchase not only her own daylily introductions, but those of so many of the cutting edge hybridizers from around the U.S. It should be ready in time for her annual spring daylily sale and should make ordering and paying much easier for her customers.

Keast Daylily Gardens was my latest project. Here you can find Tom and Mary Keast's beautiful daylily introductions as well as a very impressive collection of cultivars for sale.

If you are interested in what services I can offer for you, please email me at